DSG Servicing


Regular transmission is essential on all wet clutch DSG/DCT transmissions.

DSG Servicing

Choose Bristol Transmissions to do this service for you. We will ensure that the correct fluid and filters are replaced, and the correct manufactures standards are used.

We can also offer a complete 100% oil change using our mega flush system. This service is aimed at higher mileage vehicles.

Below is a Volvo using an MPS6 transmission having a 100% oil change plus we replace the external filter assembly.

The picture on the right shows the contaminated external filter. A blocked filter will increase clutch temperature and create more wear.

We recommend this procedure is done every 35000 miles or 3 years.

An MPS6 service currently cost £220 plus VAT and we will require your vehicle for the morning.

Please remember we also perform servicing on all other DSG/DCT transmissions such as VAG 02E, S-Tronic 0B5 and the 0BT system as well.

Volvo with MPS6 having a 100% oil change

Typical example of a 40,000 mile MPS6 external filter.

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“Very professional garage, I always had clear information about the process and fault and price. Even after service without any problem they answered all my questions. Big thanks for Simon. I will always comeback to you if I have to. Thank you.”

“Repaired my Freelander at 2/3 the cost of main dealer AND gave 12 months warranty on the work. Would use again”

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